Our Story

An opportunity arose to open a new company in a growing community. Pacific Northwest Title in Seattle referred business from clients that were conducting business in Kitsap County. They were looking for a high level of service that they could not then find. We explored the opportunity and our current CEO, a founder of the Seattle office in 1983, left the King County market in 1990 to open an independent local title agency in Silverdale with a vision.

Our Vision was to build a company so stellar in service, so high in integrity, and so trustworthy that when you had a choice of a title and closing company there would simply be no other choice. Each year we raise the bar for ourselves to always exceed the expectations of our clients. Pacific Northwest Title of Kitsap is a locally owned and operated independent title insurance agent.

Real estate is a complex commodity. Owning real estate is a precious freedom. There are more rights and laws that govern real estate than any other item of value. We take what we do seriously. We celebrate each transaction. We probe and ask questions. We care personally about each transaction and maintain high integrity. We nurture teamwork so the customer is always helped. We are independent and professional.

We continue to listen intently to our clients; this has driven the layout of our products, the design and presentation of our offices, the level of personal attention given, and the expert knowledge level of our staff members. We imagined a place where we were absolutely committed to others’ success, a place where we held each other accountable for doing what we say we are going to do, a place where we supported each other through selfless teamwork, and where we were committed to a fulfilling balance between life and work. We imagined a place that would foster bold, ethical leaders creating trust, respect and integrity, a place that values learning and growth, a place that our clients, when given the choice of a title or escrow company, would enthusiastically choose us because of our integrity.

Twenty years after our opening, we still consider this “our story”.


Silverdale- Main Office
2021 NW Myhre Road
Suite 300
(360) 692-4141

Bainbridge Island Office
921 Hildebrand Lane NE
Suite 200
(206) 842-2082

Port Orchard Office
1382 SE Lund Avenue
Suite 1
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