Protecting Customer Data requires a Team Effort

We facilitate the American Dream. From Realtor to the closing desk, we work together to safely and securely house the people and families in our community. This requires a lot of communication and paperwork between us, which is getting increasingly digital. Moreover, we’re communicating details about our clients financial information that, if placed in the wrong hands, would wreak havoc on our businesses and community.

We’re delighted that Bremerton-Silverdale has been named one of the most innovative communities in the country. Looking around at just a few examples, it’s easy to understand why: we have a tremendous amount of patents being developed here, some in support of the best shipyard on the west coast; a world class medical facility; a cyber security range and 4-year degree program in cyber security from WWU at OC Poulsbo; and, host to CI Security, a national cyber security firm founded by Bremerton’s own Michael K Hamilton, CISSP and former Chief Information Security Officer for the City of Seattle.

CI Security helps companies identify and isolate threats before they have a significant impact on your business. Among other things, PNWT uses CI Security solutions to help protect client information and prevent bad actors from doing harm in our community. Understanding that many of our clients rely on email for communication, PNWT also joined several other Kitsap financial institutions and implemented a secure messaging system to protect sensitive client information that often finds itself inside of an email or attachment. From Realtors to banks to law firms, we all have a responsibility to keep our community safe and its members sensitive information secure.

Attorney Suzanne Skinner writes, “if you use technology in practicing law, you now shoulder the duty to understand the risks it creates to your clients, and the obligation to reasonably protect them. Reasonable protections means employing best practices appropriate to the sensitivity of the data involved, scale, regulatory requirements, among other considerations.”

PNWT is proud to be a leader in driving innovation into our industry and community. When doing business with us, we will never stop taking measures to ensure you, your clients, and our community are secure — all toward being safe and snug in their new home.

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