The 5 Home Trends Pinterest Predicts Will Be Huge in 2023

Styles and trends are constantly changing, and it seems more rapid now than ever! Pinterest Predicts takes a look at what people are searching for and produces a hypothesis on the upcoming year’s trends. Because so much is evolving so quickly, “you don’t just need to know what’s trending now—you need to know what’s trending next.” Pinterest Predicts brings the future to you and gives you insight into the subjects that matter, so we’re taking a deep dive into the five home trends from Pinterest Predicts. Whether you want to give your home a little extra flavor, you’re looking to add a few popular features to your home to help you sell it, or you want to find the best way to stage your home to appeal to a wider audience, these ideas are sure to be big eye-catchers.


Sustainability has been a hot topic in recent years, and this can be a stunning way to practice environmental stewardship. Pinterest Predicts says that people will be looking for ways to incorporate “rainwater harvesting, rain barrels and drought-tolerant landscaping” into their homes. People will be focusing on lowering their ecological footprint with natural designs that are still “beautiful and elegant.” In fact, the search “drought tolerant landscape design” went up 385%!

With all the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest, rainwater harvesting can be a fantastic option to divert water from your house to your gardens, and potentially save a little on your water bill. Rainwater collection methods range from large, often underground systems to simple, budget friendly rain barrels. Check with the Kitsap County rainwater harvesting guide, or your local area guide, prior to starting this project to ensure you’re following the proper design requirements and have the necessary approval.

Hipstoric homes

Have something vintage that you would love to display, but maybe it needs some restoration? Old items are predicted to make new waves with a few chic, modern updates. Searches like “eclectic interior design vintage” is up 850% and “mixing modern and antique furniture” is up 530%. Often using inherited pieces or hand-me-downs, trends show people are “rejecting the mass-produced” and embracing “soulful spaces that merge self-expression and historical nostalgia.”

Mixing antiques with modern décor is an art form, and it takes a little bit of playing with what you have to get it just right. Tricks can include grouping items by color palette, including modern items to keep it feeling fresh, or creating a focal point to display your favorite pieces. If you don’t have inherited items, flea markets are a great opportunity to find the perfect addition to your home. Often a fresh coat of paint will completely transform an old piece of furniture. Incorporating smaller vintage accent pieces throughout a room can also give a space that little extra.

Apothecaries & Wildflours

Apothecary style kitchens full of unique, sweet treats incorporating herbs and flowers are making big moves this year. The search “herbal apothecary aesthetic” has gone up an impressive 1,025%. Cupcake flavors such as sage green, wildflower, and daisy are on the rise, too. The art of baking has “blossomed into a full-blown edible artistic expression” full of nature inspired themes and floral decorations.

There are so many ways to approach an apothecary kitchen. Some may enjoy the deep dive into the herbal aspects, keeping glass bottles and jars full of unique ingredients and tinctures. Others may be more interested only in the aesthetic, incorporating natural elements and apothecary cabinets. This is a uniquely versatile look that can be achieved in a rustic or modern home to add a bit of a twist. Remember to set out those freshly baked goods and floral confections to bring it all together!

Funky Aesthetic and Mush-rooms

New trends are making space for the quirky and imaginative with fantasy art and mushroom décor. “Funky house décor” searches are up 695%, closely followed by “weirdcore bedroom” at 540%. What has been termed “maximalist self-expression” is a all about being on the wild side with funky creativity and artistic eccentricities. Abandoning the minimalism motto of “less is more,” fans of this trend are likely to enjoy a “more is more” attitude.

This trend isn’t so tangible to define because there are no real boundaries- that’s the fun of it. With that, however, the weirder the better. Some may enjoy just a few out of the ordinary pieces or mushroom-inspired items. Others may enjoy the extremes they can achieve with large mushroom fantasy tapestries, psychedelic themes, and wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling visuals.

Mushroom Chart Tapestry | Room inspiration bedroom, Indie room decor, Room decor

Home front

Having a well-decorated backyard may have been popular in the past, but trends show decorating the home entrances is on the rise. Searches for “foyer entryway décor ideas” have gone up 190%, followed by other searches such as front door portico, front door transformation, and garden front of house entrance. When it comes to first impressions, nothing is more important than the front door and entryway. It’s an easy way to uplift and “add value to [a home] in personal and budget-friendly ways.”

Upgrading a home front can range anywhere from simple to extravagant, and the prices vary, too. Small ways to update this area may include using eye-catching house numbers, painting the door or front steps a new color, adding outdoor decorations like potted plants, fun lighting, or a wreath, or creating cohesion by using the same color metal for “your entrance hardware, door knockers, house numbers, mailboxes, and porch lights.” More extensive projects may involve a total porch remodel, a new walkway, unique architectural additions, or installing front entry smart tech. Once the front entryway is revamped, don’t forget to update the foyer, too!


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