The Best Dog Breeds for Every Lifestyle & Living Situation

Here at Pacific Northwest Title, we love our pets! Feathered, scaled, or furry- we care about them all. That’s why we are excited for this years 30th Annual PetsWALK presented by VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital. Did you know that of the households which have pets, “44.5% of U.S. households own dogs” and closely behind that, “29% of households own cats” (Forbes Advisor).  That means that more than any other kind of animal, these furry creatures have been our best companions! That’s why we’re taking a look at the traits and characteristics of different dog breeds, because every living situation is different. That way you can make an informed decision about your adoption! Who knows? You may even find your next best friend at PetsWALK!

A Note On Mutts

Determining whether a mutt is for you is something important to consider and there are so many reasons to adopt a loveable mutt! They’re generally healthier, cost less, and are a fun surprise.  In fact, the percentage of people who own pure-bred dogs versus mixed breed dogs is near 50/50 (The Humane Society of the U.S.). While we are looking at traits by breed, you may find that a mixture of breeds is perfect for you.

For the first time dog owner

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting adventure full of twists and turns. The joy of a new dog is often balanced with an adjustment period. There is typically a lot to learn and even more that can only be experienced. So what kind of dog is best for the inexperienced dog owner? While there are certain breeds that are certainly more difficult for a newbie, a Pomeranian seems to be an agreed upon fantastic first choice. Pomeranians tend to be ” happy and adaptable” and are “equally content hanging out at home or performing on the agility course.” These little fluffy pooches require “regular brushing,” but there coats aren’t “terribly high-maintenance.” These fun and spunky dogs have even been known as the “ideal companion.”

For people who live in small spaces

Living in small spaces can cause unique challenges for any potential pet owner. Special considerations have to be taken into account for any breed of dog in tight quarters, but the Bichon Frisé seems to steal the show here as one of the best options. They are “small but sturdy,” indoor only dogs with “a white hypoallergenic coat.” They have an adaptable personality and “merry disposition” that make them ideal for small spaces or apartments. Plus, who could possibly resist that adorable round face?

For people who live with kids

Every family is different, so their needs will vary widely. However, it may be difficult to find a more loved family canine than the Labrador Retriever. These “friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited companions” celebrated 31-years as the most popular dog breed in America (until the French Bulldog took the spot in 2022). These love-bugs are “famously friendly” and will “bond with the whole family.” They are always eager-to-please and are highly trainable. They are great with children, other dogs, and strangers alike. Despite there easygoing nature, Labs are “enthusiastic [athletes]” need “lots of exercise.”

For people who lead busy lives

Some people simply can’t be home as much as others, and that’s okay! It’s important to keep in mind any pets limitations, but there are some breeds that can tolerate it better than others. One such breed is the Greyhound who is known for being a “sweet-tempered companion with an independent spirit.” Despite there well-earned reputation for being amazing runners, they are just as content to be “couch potatoes” as long as they are receiving reasonable exercise. Typically, a Greyhound is “responsive to training” as well. Another  option for those who are interested in Greyhounds are their smaller, “robust, [and] low-maintenance” Whippet.

For people who need live-in protection

Looking for a loyal guardian to defend your home and family? The Rottweiler is a “world-class guardian” with a healthy dose of “playfulness and downright silliness.” There instincts to take care of their family and territory can be positively harnessed with “early training and socialization.” Most any dog breed that is particularly well suited for protection will require extra research on the front end. All dogs take work, but their innate desire to protect necessitates a responsible pet owner who is especially willing to put in the work. That being said, a well-adjusted and healthy Rottie is the most loveable goof-ball of the family!

For people who need calm

Looking for a quiet dog who won’t cause a lot of ruckus? Or maybe you just need a little Zen after a long day. While the aforementioned Greyhound is a great choice, the Irish Wolfhound is one of “the most serene and agreeable of companions.” These gentle giants (emphasis on the giant!) require some space and exercise to be comfortable and happy, but they are defined by their loyalty and calm demeanor. They tend to be excellent nap-takers and only bark to alert their people of threats.

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