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Pacific Northwest Title is the leading full service real estate transaction company in Kitsap County. Established in 1990, we work hard-to earn your trust because we know every transaction you have with us is the most important one.

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Move over Millennials, Gen Z is in Town

Born after 1996, Gen Z is the next generation preparing to enter the real estate market.  They are currently in their mid-20’s. Like the generations before then Gen Z has a distinct personality which will affect their buying habits.   At the 2016 Realtors Conference a panel of 5 “Gen Z Consumers” was assembled to share […]

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Generational Pitfalls to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

When it comes to real estate, there are some across the board similarities, everyone wants the best deal possible, no one wants to feel like they were on the losing side of negotiations and most importantly everyone wants to feel secure in their decision to buy/sell.  While it may be tempting to assume these similarities […]

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Planning for Success in a Low Inventory Marketing

There is not much anyone can do to balance out the low inventory market of 2021.  BUT agents can work on developing ways to become more competitive in the market they have been delt. Business Planning, Lead Generation and Qualification and Intentional Marketing are all tools anyone can use to help sell themselves and begin […]

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Forbearance, Foreclosure, and Short Sale

Forbearance, foreclosure, and short sales are all common terms in the world of real estate.  While these terms are being used with more frequency of late, it is important to understand what they mean and their unique differences.   Forbearance Forbearance is a legal term defined as, “refraining from asserting a legal right.”  In real […]

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When to Call Title vs. Escrow

Title vs. Escrow “Real estate is a complex commodity. Owning real estate is a precious freedom. There are more rights and laws that govern real estate than any other item of value.”  – Chris Rieland, CEO Pacific Northwest Title What is Title Title, in Real Estate, is designed to protect the concepts of ownership rights […]

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Seasonal Real Estate Trends

Selling a home is a significant moment in person’s life. Whether it’s the first or the fifth time, each experience can bring with it a new set of challenges where every dollar counts. Nevertheless, even a little bit of research can reap significant rewards and when it comes to selling a home, it’s not just […]

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